Short URL

Dynamic links with small/ short links to save space during SMS/ WA communication. Also allows to creation of auto-links to make it easy to share with customers.

G My Business Listing [GMB]

Assist in building Google® My Business (initial) listing to get an optimised Search Card with relevant information on the listing.

Social Media Optimisation [SMO]
  • Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube | Pinterest Assisting the brand reach a higher visibility in social media results with proactive scheduling and strategizing the social media posts, catering to a select target audience in reference. For a maximum of three social media profiles (if required). PLATFORMS
Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]

Assisting the brand reach a higher visibility in search results with collective efforts in the on-site and off-site activities. The page ranking is not a commitment, but an honest efforts via Good Digital Practices and fair means of optimising the digital brand presence. Along with the website, there will be regular audits and efforts to optimise the search engine result via multiple tools and platforms.