KDC / / d e s I g n

Banding / Logo

Identity design by means of a relatable brand identity personified by a graphic representation of the brand. Iconic, WordMark or the combination. With a value of colour scheme to the identity.

Brochure Design

Creative catalouge design to showcase the products with great appeal. It can be shared digitally as a PDF or printed for handouts or snail mail; even along with product delivery.

Catalouge Video

Showcase your products in a creative animated manner with motion and multiple view and angles of your prodcuts. Can be shared via social platforms or exhibition booths.

Banner/ Cover Image

A creative graphical banner to showcase the brand's offering; in a single static banner image.

Banner/ Cover Video

An animated showcase of products highlighting the brands catalogue.

Social Media Listing

Create the relevant account on a social media platform, apt for your profession/ business along with initial optimisation.